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Broadcasts from the openers of Minnesota Twins Baseball at the Metrodome (1982) and Target Field (2010)

WCCO-AM (830) - Steve Cannon (Cannon Mess) live from the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome

before the first Twins game including an interview with Muriel Humphrey Brown. This is followed by the Twins Pre-Game show and start of the game with Herb Carneal and Frank Quilici - April 6, 1982 - 7 MN [Note: Audio quality is a bit rough]

KSTP-AM (1500) - John Gordon & Dan Gladden live from Target Field - April 12, 2010

including the opening/closing portions of the Twins game broadcast - 4 MB



KQRS-AM/FM (1440 / 92.5) Jingles and commercials from 1966 (the station's format at that time was a mix of classical/middle-of-

the-road/jazz. Commercials/announcements: Twin Cities Auto Dealers, O.I. Borton Motors, and A Look into the Future in 1974 - 2 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - Boone & Erickson Show from May 7, 1963. Charlie and Roger present their show in a fun Shakespeare style.

Includes commercials for Northwestern National Bank and Le Sueur mushrooms and ends with the start of a newscast with Dick Chapman. - 10 MB


WWTC-AM (1280) - News Radio format from Oct. 5, 1978 with newscast by Ray Valdovinos. 11 MB (provided by Ray Valdovinos)

WWTC-AM (1280) - News Radio format from Dec. 1, 1978 with newscast by Ray Valdovinos during the Bob Allard Show . 4 MB

(provided by Ray Valdovinos)


WLOL-FM (99.5) John Hines and Bob Berglund with two contestants playing Happy Birthday on their music instruments

from 1981 - 5 MB (provided by Mike Bares)


KTCR-FM (97.1) - Before "The Cities 97" (KTCZ-FM), this frequency programmed country music for many years as KTCR-FM.

  • KTCR-FM aircheck from April 1, 1979 with Jim du Bois - 19 MB (provided by the family of Raymond and Muriel Harrington)

Includes Mutual network newscast and local newscast plus commercials for Southview Chevrolet, Plywood Minnesota, Anderson Dodge, Orrin Thompson Homes, Avis and Elk River Ford.

  • KTCR-FM sign on and sign off from Dec. 30, 1979 - 1 MB each (provided by the family of Raymond and Muriel Harrington)


WCCO-AM (830) - More than six hours of coverage the day after the deadly and devastating Twin Cities tornadoes that aired on

May 7, 1965 including Roger Erickson (helicopter reports), Chuck Lilligren, Maynard Speece, Howard Viken, Bob DeHaven, Jerry Brennan, Joyce Lamont, Dick Chapman, Dick Enroth, Jergan Nash, Bob West, Randy Merriman. MP3 ile sizes range from 7 to 18 MB. (provided by Bill Lund, Digital on Location, Woodbury, MN)

6:30-7:00 am: Includes commercials for Geigy Atrazine Seeds, Pall Mall Cigarettes, Standard Oil Dealers, Peterson Mercury, Northwestern National

Bank, Farmers & Mechanics Bank, Dexol Bleach, Camel Cigarettes.

7:00-7:45 am: Includes CBS News Roundup with Neil Strawser and commercials for Northwest Orient Airlines, Milk Foundation, Old Gold Cigarettes,

Twin Cities Area Rambler Dealers, Standard Oil, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Kent Cigarettes, Apache Office Park, Ozark Airlines, First National Bank of Minneapolis.

7:45-8:15 am: Includes First Bank Notes and commercials for Peters Hot Dogs, Pennzoil Motor Oil, Federated Insurance, Bill Boyer Ford,

O’Brien Paint.

8:15-9:20 am: Includes commercials for Crystal Sugar, Beep Drink from Cloverleaf, Cloverleaf Milk, Twin City Federal, Schweigert, Shell Heating

Oil, Upper Midwest Council for Better Vision, Old Gold Cigarettes, Pronto Golf Brand Lawn Seeds, Standard Oil Dealers.

11:45 am-12:20 pm: Includes commercials for Eggsquist Pastries, Coke, Old Dutch Potato Chips, Underwood Chicken Spread, Dekalb, Nash

Instant Coffee, Smith-Douglass Fertilizer, Dow Chemical Company, Travelers Insurance.

1:00-1:15 pm: Includes commercials for MLA Insurance, Underwood Chicken Spread, Fridgedare, Bisquick

2:35-3:00 pm: Includes Party Line with Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson and commercials for Miracle White, Yardley Fragrances Perfume, Peters Hot

Dogs and Sandwiches, Century Insurance, Coke, Fels Brands, Schmitt Music Company, Franklin Cottage Cheese, Nash Coffee.

3:00-3:30 pm: Includes CBS News with Douglas Edwards, Boone in the Afternoon and commercials for Look Magazine, Total Cereal, Northwestern

National Bank, Hansord Pontiac, Old Dutch Potato Chips, Plymouth Optical.

3:30-4:00 pm: Includes Dimension with Mike Wallace (interviewing Henry Fonda), Boone in the Afternoon and commercials for Fridgedare, Camel

Cigarettes, Yardley Perfume, Gift House Stamps, Northland Ice Cream, Fritos Corn Chips, New Blue Raindrops, Total Cereal.

4:15-4:50 pm: Includes Boone in the Afternoon, Coffee Break with Allen Gray and commercials for Page Tissue, Old Gold Cigarettes, Hills Brothers

Coffee, Century Insurance, Fells Brands, Pennzoil, American Express, Hansord Pontiac, Mobile, Equitable Life Insurance.

4:50-5:20 pm: Includes Point of Law with Charlie Boone, VIP Show with Howard Viken and commercials for Ford, Travelers Insurance, Mileage

and Direct Service Stations and Gas, Camel Cigarettes, Northern Pacific Railroad, Scotts Turf Builder, Fels Laundry Brands, Shell’s Heating Oil, Northrup King.

To hear a recording of WCCO Radio's tornado coverage on May 6, 1965, click here.


WCCO-AM (830) - A collection of Minnesota Hospital skits with Charlie Boone, Roger Erickson, Dave Lee, Sid Hartman,

Eric Eskola, Mike Lynch, Tim Russell, Mike Max, Herb Carneal, John Gordon, Paul Flatley, Roger Strom, John Rash, WCCO Marketing Department, and more.

Minnesota Hospital Open and Close Theme Music - 1 MB



WCCO-AM (830) - Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson interview Jimmy Hoffa on Dec. 4, 1972. Hoffa was an American labor union leader who served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) union from 1958 until 1971. He vanished in late July 1975. Also included in the interview is Hennepin Country District Court Judge, Neil Riley. 23 MB




WCCO-AM (830) - First breaking news announcements on the death of singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer

and actor, Prince on April 21, 2016 - including coverage with Steve Simpson, Adam Carter, Lindsay Guentzel (at Paisley Park), Mike "Moose" Miller, J. D. Steele ... plus CBS Radio newscasts and bulletins. - #1 22MB - #2 18 MB


KDWB-FM (101.3) - Buck McWilliams & Chris O'Connor with comedian Jerry Seinfeld (before his Seinfeld television show) -

March 18, 1987 - 23 MB (provided by Buck McWilliams)




KZGO-FM (95.3) - Go 95.3 FM - Start of new format with hip-hop music programming. 4 MB





WLOL-AM (1330) - Station programming and staff booklet from 1943 - PDF 3 MB

11/22, 11/23, 11/28/2015


WCCO-AM - 1984

Aired on WCCO-TV

60 Years Strong



Aired on KARE-TV

Boone & Erickson - 1987


Aired on KARE-TV


wcco-am - may 1987 - kare-tv copy.jpg


Aired on KARE-TV



WCCO-AM - 2009

Aired on TPT Almanac

Boone/ Erickson - 50 yrs

WCCO-AM -  Dec. 2010


Charlie Boone Final Show

Report on Charlie Boone

Passing - WCCO-TV

Nov 22, 2015

Report on Charlie Boone

Passing - WCCO-TV

Nov 23, 2015

Report on Charlie Boone

Passing - KARE-TV

Nov 23, 2015

Report on Charlie Boone

Passing - KSTP-TV

Nov 23, 2015

Report on Charlie Boone

Passing - KMSP-TV FOX 9

Nov 23, 2015





Star Tribune

Pioneer Press

Star Tribune Obituary

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Stories have also been posted at


Boone and Erickson

Minneapolis Tribune in 1981



It is with sadness that we report that WCCO Radio broadcast legend, Charlie Boone, passed away on Nov. 22, 2015. We will be posting more on Charlie Boone to this website during the next few days. The following recordings aired on WCCO-AM (830).

Boone & Erickson Show Theme Music ("Swing That Music")

Good Morning Song


Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson comedy skits:


Charlie Boone and Joyce Lamont - 5 MB (provided by Curt Lundgren)


Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson -  34 MB (provided by Todd Kosovich)

Boone & Erickson - From the 1970s and 1980s

Caesar and the Coliseum - 5 MB

Dragnet - 3 MB

Gunsmoke - 3 MB

The Iron Ranger - 1 MB

The Queen and the Intruder - 1 MB

Worst Jokes - 5 MB


Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson Lutefisk Lament - 1980


Charlie Boone interviews former KSTP-TV anchor Ron Magers 19 MB


Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson - Ma Perkins skit - Charlie and Rog crack up in this aircheck - 6 MB  (provided by Todd Kosovich)

October 1987

Minnesota Twins 1987 World Series Victory Parade including Charlie Boone and Roger Erickson broadcasting live from the WCCO Radio van at the front of the parade, Howard Viken, Ruth Koscielak, Herb Carneal, John Gordon, John Rooney, Harmon Killebrew, Bruce Hagevik, Eric Eskola, Jan Jirak, Dean Spratt, John Lundell and others.  #1    #2    #3    #4   (mp3 files range from 26 to 29 MB)


Boone & Erickson - The Iron Ranger skit (The Iron Ranger was a parody on Minnesota Governor Rudy Perpich) - 3 MB (provided by Mark Durenberger)


Charlie Boone & Roger Erickson Morning Drive Scoped Demo 5 MB


"Minnesota Hospital" - Live at Minnesota State Fair  5 MB


"Minnesota Hospital" - Live at Farm City Day in Winthrop 6 MB


Final Boone & Erickson Show / Roger Erickson retires - #1 21 MB - #2 31 MB


"Point Of Law" with Charlie Boone - all files approximately 3 MB


Charlie Boone's Final Show - #1   #2  #3   #4   #5   #6  (mp3 files sizes range from 18 to 20 MB)


WCCO Radio Morning News with a news story about Charlie Boone's death, an emotional tribute by Dave Lee, and an interview with former 'CCO Radio morning news reporter, Steve Murphy - 7 MB


WCCO Radio Morning News - Dave Lee interviews former WCCO Radio news reporter, Bruce Hagevik, about Charlie Boone - 4 MB


WCCO Radio John Hines Show with a Charlie Boone audio montage tribute - 12 MB


WCCO Radio John Williams interviews former 'CCO Radio morning news reporter Steve Murphy - 9 MB


KNOW-FM (91.1) Morning Edition with Cathy Wurtzer tribute to Charlie Boone including interviews with Larry Haeg Jr. (former WCCO Assistant Program Director) and Steve Murphy (former WCCO news reporter) - 7 MB


KQRS-FM (92.5) Morning Show with Tom Barnard Tribute to Charlie Boone - 7 MB


KSTP-AM (1500) Joe Soucheray Tribute to Charlie Boone - 9 MB



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